Live Blog ARIS & Alfabet IUG Conference 2018

Live Blog from the International ARIS & Alfabet User Group Conference 2018 in Berlin

Latest update 19 April, 16:00


11-13 April 2018

Representatives from the Netherlands come from the following organizations: Avebe, Rijkswaterstaat, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Philips, Ministry of Defense, European Patent Office, ING, Heineken, FrieslandCampina, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Key Note from CEO Karl Heinz Streibich

In the current business world, organisations need to win market share with Internet of Things Eco System Partnerships.



Key Note from Chief R&D Officer Stefan Sigg

After the acquisiton of Cumulocity, Software AG is a market leader in IoT. But IoT is also about middleware. Software AG is investing in one integrated cloud platform as a service to offer IoT services.

In general, Software AG now has 3 R&D pillars:


ARIS and Alfabet are in the Digital Business Platform. Wolfram Jost, who is not presenting today, calls this the “MegaPaaS”.

For ARIS the planned developments seem to be limited.


Q&A with Software AG Board members

Software AG is looking into blockchain. They welcome 5 free blockchain pilots.

During the IUG Key Notes there is a lot of attention on Technology Partnerships, and furthermore Software’s consulting ability is stabilizing or even declining. What about Business Consulting partnerships, will Software AG continue to give room to Consulting companies? Mr. Streibich answers that indeed Software AG continues to collaborate with consulting companies that add value to provide a complete offering to its customers.


Software AG is investingating a lot in IoT. Will investments in ARIS and Alfabet R&D continue? Mr. Sigg answers that indeed ARIS will remain key for Software AG. He mentioned ongoing GRC demands that fuel usage of ARIS, and growth of IT projects that require functionalities that Alfabet offers.

Dutch drinks

During the IUG the Dutch ARIS en Alfabet User Group (AGNL) organised informal drinks for all Dutch participants to exchange experiences. bQuind, partner of the AGNL, sponsored this.



After meeting in the Scandic hotel, about half of the group closed the evening in the Monkey Bar with great view on the famous Gedächtniskirche.



Thursday 12 April 2018

ARIS Roadmap by Helge Hess

Helge introduces the concept of Enterprise Digital Twin.


One of the most interesting functionalities on the roadmap:
Integrated semantic checks and differentiation in warnings.


In the GRC area, ARIS will get more accelerators for Data Protection.


Philips wins BPM Excellence Award

Software AG brings back an old tradition: awarding a prize to the customer who achieved the best BPM Excellence results. Royal Philips with Headquarters in the Netherlands wins because they used BPM and ARIS to transform from an electronics products firm to a digital healthcare solutions firm. ARIS is step by step replacing all Philips Quality Management Systems and reaching 70.000 employees, says Frits Wiegel from Philips. His colleague Sarah Meiners adds: this award provides recognition for the Philips employees that maintain content, and it helps to promote our framework within the company.



This partner of Software AG, which employs some long term ARIS experts such as Gert Ottoson, delivers great consulting services in the Nordics. They work closely together with the Nordics user group, that is represented here by among others Harry Ratia.



UBS has plotted its overall BPM capability on the Knowledge Management Maturity model of APQC. To achieve standardisation, UBS has restricted itself to just 22 model types. They started the rollout by creating reports from ARIS that look similar to the Excel files that users were used to analyse.


Digital transformation


ARIS CCL is a semi-standard solution to support a model change approval workflow.


Innovation lab on Agile

Helge organised a brainstorm with 6 groups on what organisations need to become Agile and how ARIS can support this.



Friday 13 April 2018

Opening of the day again by Pieter Walraven from FrieslandCampina, who is Chairman of the International User Groups and board member of the Dutch ARIS and Alfabet User Group.


Next, Helge presents a new video about the concept of Enterprise Digital Twin.

Enterprise Architecture

Kuhne & Nagel had an interesting presentation about how they use a reference model for Enterprise Architecture to become Agile. Nice follow up of yesterday afternoon’s brainstorm.






After a presentation about how ARIS supports GDPR, Nationwide presents their experience and lessons learned.



Panel discussion

Panel discussion with some the presenters of the past days, hosted by Eric Roovers.


Final city walk





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