Blue Lanes offers the following solutions

  • Implementation of Learning, Competence & Talent Management
  • Learning Management System ‘in the cloud’ (Software as a Service)
  • Business Process Guidance for SAP, and MS Office
  • Standard e-learning Modules for BPM, Data Security, and MS Office
  • Bespoke e-learning development
  • Efficient conversion of process models into e-learning modules
  • Learning plan for knowledge and skills of Business Analysts

Benefits for your organisation

  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Faster and more efficient implementation of new processes
  • Lower operational costs for training

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  • Blue Lanes delivers:

    • Business Process Management with ARIS
    • Learning, Competence & Talent Management Products and Services
    • Micro-Learning and E-Learning Content for SAP, BPM,, Data Security, and MS Office
    • Risk & Compliance Reporting
  • Blue Lanes is Business Partner of:

  • Blue Lanes levert:

    • Business Process Management met ARIS
    • Learning & talentmanagement produkten en diensten
    • Micro-Learning en e-Learning content voor SAP, BPM,, Informatiebeveiliging en MS Office
    • Risk & Compliance rapportage
  • Blue Lanes is Business Partner van:

  • Reasons to choose Blue Lanes are:

    • Blue Lanes is the only company combining expertise of BPM and E-Learning.
    • Since 1999, Blue Lanes consultants have done successful BPM projects using the ARIS platform.
    • Blue Lanes has a deep knowledge of the processes and people of many large Dutch organisations.
    • In the Netherlands and Belgium, Blue Lanes represents IMC AG, Europe's leading eLearning provider.
  • Redenen om voor Blue Lanes te kiezen:

    • Blue Lanes is de enige specialist in zowel BPM als e-Learning.
    • Sinds 1999 hebben Blue Lanes consultants succesvolle BPM projecten gedaan op het ARIS platform.
    • Blue Lanes beschikt over diepgaande kennis van de processen en mensen bij veel grote Nederlandse organisaties.
    • In Nederland en België vertegenwoordigt Blue Lanes IMC AG, de Europese marktleider van e-Learning oplossingen.