Synergy of knowledge & tools

Improving processes is already established in the Netherlands, so now the focus is on optimization. Energizing the stakeholders (managers and employees) is both a starting point as well as result. Blue Lanes delivers consulting, project management and training, but Blue Lanes also delivers products, convinced that customers are best served by a combination of profound knowledge and efficient tools.

Blue Lanes is the preferred solution partner for the Netherlands and Belgium of IMC AG (Saarbrücken), owned by Prof. Scheer, the founder of IDS Scheer AG and creator of the ARIS method. IMC is the leading European vendor of e-Learning solutions. Blue Lanes is also Service Partner of Software AG, the current vendor of ARIS, and Consulting Partner of the Dutch ARIS User Group

Specialisation in Business Process Management and e-Learning. Risk & Compliance is an important attention area of Blue Lanes, because it often requires BPM and/or e-Learning. One of the first customers is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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  • Blue Lanes delivers:

    • Business Process Management Consulting
    • Learning, Competence & Talent Management Products and Services
    • Micro-Learning and E-Learning Content for SAP, BPM,, Data Security, and MS Office
    • Risk & Compliance Reporting
  • Blue Lanes is Business Partner of:

  • Reasons to choose Blue Lanes are:

    • Blue Lanes is the only company combining expertise of BPM and E-Learning.
    • Since 1999, Blue Lanes consultants have done successful BPM projects using the ARIS platform.
    • Blue Lanes has a deep knowledge of the processes and people of many large Dutch organisations.
    • In the Netherlands and Belgium, Blue Lanes represents IMC AG, Europe's leading eLearning provider.